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Joseph Scott
December 12, 1878
Killed in the line of duty.

P.F. "Pop" Becker
April, 1910
Killed in the line of duty.

Chief Erskin Fish
August 11, 1935
Killed by suspects who were terrorizing the residents of the Woodlake neighborhood.

Frank Mello
June 30, 1951
Died in Motorcycle accident, while responding to a fire alarm call.

Francis Rea
January 3, 1954
Shot in the head during a running gun battle.

Arnold Gamble
February 15, 1963
Shot to death during a gun battle at a local bar.

Eugene McKnight
July 23, 1963
Killed while attempting to apprehend suspects who had robbed a market.

Bernard Bennett
May 9, 1970
Killed by a sniper bullet while he was patrolling Oak Park.

Andrew Collins
April 19, 1972
Killed in a motorcycle accident while in pursuit of a suspect.

Doyle Popovich
August 3, 1974
Killed while apprehending a suspect for grand theft auto.

Rodney Butts
October 15, 1975
Died of a heart attack after a struggle with a felon.

William H. Warner
June 1, 1981
Died from an accidental gunshot wound.

Michael Gartrell
April 25, 1991
Killed during a pursuit of a drunk driver.

Emily Morgenroth
October 17, 1997
Killed as DUI driver pulled into her path as she responded to assist other officers on a felony vehicle-stop.

William C. Bean Jr.
February 9, 1999
Shot to death during a vehicle stop.

Grant Wilson
August 1, 1981
Killed in gun battle with wanted felon.



The memorial park was constructed on a three acre parcel of land at Arden Way and Del Paso Boulevard near Woodlake Park. The Woodlake Improvement Club secured a commitment from the City of Sacramento to construct this park and make the necessary improvements. The North Sacramento Land Company donated the land for the memorial. Many union tradesmen donated labor to complete the construction.

The park has a small stage for community events and a playground for children with specialized equipment for  children who have disabilities and are physically challenged.

The Park and Memorial also include a memorial tree which was planted in 1935 across the street from the park. The memorial tree was planted in recognition of the sacrifice made by North Sacramento Chief of Police Erskin Fish.

The memorial to the peace officers who have given their lives for the citizens of Sacramento features an obelisk surrounded by colonnades, one for each fallen officer, with a bronze placque on the top of each colonade with information on that officer.

Citizens and community groups expressed interest in and gave support in the constrcution of the memorial park. The Sacramento Tree Foundation planted trees and shrubs to make this a beautiful park for the memorial.

Joseph McKinney
August 15, 1850
Shot to death arresting barricaded subject.

Charles J. Ogle
March 12, 1951
Patrol vehicle was struck by a drunk driver.

William Littlejohn
June 3, 1955
Patrol vehicle was struck by a drunk driver.

Roger L. Bauman
December 12, 1961
Shot to death during the pursuit of an armed robber.

Kenneth B. Royal
June 7, 1968
Shot to death while arresting an armed robbery suspect.

Bruce R. Verhoeven
December 4, 1973
Shot to death while arresting an armed robbery suspect.

Stewart P. Baird
June 13, 1976
Beaten to death by suspect during an armed robbery.

Christopher W. Boone
October 25, 1976
Shot to death during a surveillance of a sex assault suspect.

Eugene N. Luther
April 25, 1980
Shot to death while off duty by an unknown robbery suspect.

David E. Miller
January 2, 1983
Killed during a vehicle pursuit of an assault suspect.

Sgt. Richard Deffner
January 21, 1988
Shot to death during a Special Enforcement Detail operation in search of a wanted felon.

Sandra Larson
December 8, 1998
Killed in vehicle accident while transporting prisoners.

Kevin Blount
July 13, 2005
Killed in helicopter accident while on patrol.

Joseph Kievernagel
July 13, 2005
Killed in helicopter accident while on patrol.










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Hon. Sandy Sheedy, David Topaz, Brent Meyer, Robert Slobe, Sharon Telles, Joe Valenzuela, Jeff Schiele, Steve Lemmon


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